Contagious Genital Warts Treatment

Contagious Genital Warts Treatment

Genital warts are very contagious as they can spread very fast, especially by oral, anal or genital sex with an infected partner. Genital warts are seen at the tip of the penis or sometimes on the scrotum or the anus. In women these warts can be seen in the vagina, at the cervix of the uterus and sometimes at the tip of the anus. These may appear small and harmless initially, but these definitely require the best contagious genital warts treatment to avoid it from spreading more.drivelan atsiliepimai

If symptoms are detected in time and treated, there would be no necessity for surgery, but if contagious genital warts treatment is not given in time, it could be fatal resulting in cervical or anal cancer and other contagious diseases like venereal disease, etc.knee active rezultaty

Contagious genital warts treatment could be given by doctors by applying imiquimod cream on the affected area; podophyllin which is an anti-mitotic solution can also be applied and later washed off. One can also try using podofilox solution or fluorouracil cream and even trichloroacetic acid that are proven to be very effective applications to the infected areas. They have cured many patients of their contagious warts.

If this solution is not effective, then surgery can be the answer. One can choose cryosurgery, which is when liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and destroy the growth of the warts. With electro surgery an electric wire is heated and applied on the infected area. Laser therapy is also a possible cure or finally a surgical excision where the skin around the affected area is cut and the warts are removed.

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