Eat the donut…  The ROOT

Eat the donut… The ROOT

Some days call for Donuts. Cakes. Cookies. Red Meats. Pasta. Wine. Chocolate. Cheese.forte love

Any number of items we hold from ourselves and save for somewhat special days or occasions.

Why? What makes some food more special than others? All food is fuel. A benefit or a toxin for the miracle that is your body.

Stop for a second and think about that.

The end point. Food is a benefit or a toxin on some level for your body.Do you mindfully nourish the whole you?

Do you appreciate the parts of you that work silently until something goes wrong…Gallbladder. Liver. Kidneys. Heart. Spleen.

The five senses that make up pieces of the emotional you.

Coming together with the purpose to fuel your mind, body and spirit.

The process of eating is an awesome event.

A time to rest and recharge..

A cause for mindfulness (fully being in the present moment).

I want you to Love the process of eating.

What if I said you should treat every food item like something special??

Each time you eat….Slow down and eat mindfully.

Let’s take a morning donut as an example. You may find your craving being satisfied before you finish…

If so, you have a choice point: continue or be finished with the process of eating at the point you are satisfied.

Mindful Eating Exercise..Eat the donut

Get the best quality..most appealing donut you can afford and find.

I mean it. Don’t stop at 7-11 if there is a bakery 2 seconds down the road and you have time and the extra change to stop…

Do not eat that donut in your car!!

Set up your eating space. Is it your office? Clean off the desk a bit.

Is it the donut shop? Sit in a way that allows you to focus on the food in front of you.

Your home? Make your table appealing to your five senses.

Turn off the tv, put down the paper, place the phone over there..somewhere..not right here..

Take a moment before you eat to breathe.

Inhale by breathing through your nose fully and in such a way that you imagine filling your abdomen with air..then your lungs/chest area…and finally your clavicle area as you count one..two..three..four…

Pause for a count of four…

Exhale through your nose imagining the air leaving your clavicle area first, then the lungs/chest and finally the…four.

Pause for a count of four…

You should feel a bit more relaxed and focused because this exercise directly impacts and slows down your central nervous system.

Release any control over your breath…

2. Center your mind on the fact that you are about to nourish a need your body has. Bring your attention to the donut.

Take a look at it. Notice the plate, or napkin…the way it sits.

Does it look appealing to you?

If not, why are you eating it? What are you really hungry for? Stop. If this donut is not doing anything special for you. Find something else to eat that does.

If it does appeal to you…Did someone take the time to frost it, or fill it?

Express gratitude that both energy and time was expended to prepare this meal for you…from planting seeds to harvest to market and baking. Your donut has undergone a lot to be here with you right now. It contains the energy of earth and every person that helped it get to you in present form. You are appreciative…

Your body is going to work hard to digest nutrients from it. To give you fuel to get through the next few hours..

Lift the donut and notice how it feels in your hand. Are your fingers wrapped around the outside, or through a hole of some sort? Is it heavy in weight? Is it hot, cold or room temperature? Is it balanced in your hand? Sticky? Hard or soft?

Lift the donut closer to your face. Notice the smell as it gets closer to your lips. Is it pleasing to you? Notice any thoughts or emotions you may be having in this moment.  You do not need to linger on them unless you want to.

Feel the food moving over your lips and into your mouth.

Feel the warmth or the coolness and the temperature change in your mouth.

Take the time to actually taste the donut.

Do you like they way it tastes? (If not..this is a decision point and maybe not what you were truly wanting after all)

Can you still taste donut in your mouth?

If you need more, take another bite and continue the exercise until the food is gone or you feel satisfied.

I encourage you to try this with everything you eat.

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