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Health and Fitness Articles Directory Best Health and Fitness Articleshome Home › Fitness Articles › Definition of AlcoholismDefinition of AlcoholismAdvertisementTo come up with the correct description of a given phenomenon, you must have all the facts right. It is not always easy to give a description that is all encompassing or one that captures the aspects of all that is being described, but it is always worth the trial. This is especially true for medical conditions or diseases that require treatment. It would not be possible to provide the right treatment for them if the right definition is not availed. Among the many diseases that are considered fatal is alcoholism. Its definition cannot be derived from few basic observations of a person taking alcohol and getting drunk. There are more and deeper factors to put into consideration like the duration of time for which the person has been taking the drink and what amounts they consume at such instances.Many people have tried to come up with what they think would be the most fitting definition of alcoholism and among the few is one that states that it is a disease caused due to continuos and prolonged consumption of alcohol in large quantities and even depending on it in order to be productive. However, the level of dependency will vary from person to person.This condition can also be defined as a condition in which a person entirely depends on alcohol to relate to people, meaning that he is unable to face his peers or colleagues if he is not under the influence of the drink. It has been discovered that alcoholism progresses in three stages; alpha, beta and gamma. This condition can however be treated if detected early enough. AdvertisementFiled: Fitness Articles tags: Alcoholism, alpha beta, condition, consideration, correct description, definition of alcoholism, disease, getting drunk, person, treatment PopularRandom PostsRelated PostsAlcoholism Wikipedia the free encyclopediaAlcoholism definition Medical Dictionary definitions of popularExcellent Definition of Alcoholism Drug Addiction AlcoholismDefinition of Alcoholism National Council on Alcoholism and Drugalcoholism Definition from AnswersAA and the Medical Definition of Alcoholism Help for AlcoholicsAlcoholism Define Alcoholism at DictionaryAlcoholism DefinitionDefinition of Alcoholismalcoholism Definition of alcoholism at YourDictionaryAchieving an Elite Level of FitnessHealth Definition, History and Basics Part – 1Being Healthy & Fit, are They the Same?Understanding Fitness WorkoutsContent Writer for Health Articles and Medical ArticlesNew Australian Made Mens and Womens Health Multivitamin: VitalVMHLife Fitness Equipment ? Understand the ConceptMust-Know advice Mens’ Health for those who are concerned about your prostateLifetime Fitness: On Your Way to a Healthier YouChoosing Quality Fitness Equipment Don’t Waste Money on Fitness EquipmentHome Fitness Equipment Purchase WisdomLife Fitness Equipment ? Understand the ConceptBuy Cheap Fitness Equipment, Low Cost Gym EquipmentBuying Quality fitness equipmentCategories Fitness Articles Fitness Equipment Fitness Models Fitness Workouts Health Articles Mens Health Articles Womens Health Articles Recent Posts Fitness Singles Login Password Current health tips on cleaning the belly button Acid peptic disease definition, Acid peptic disease symptoms, Acid peptic disease treatment Fitness Workouts: 3 Misconceptions You Need to Know about Better Health News ? Keep your body running & in Shape Health and Fitness Articles DirectoryContact UsPrivacy PolicySitemap SEO plugin for wordpressdrivelan ultra