Chatham-Kent Medical Health Acronyms

Chatham-Kent Medical Health Acronyms

General Health and Medical Acronyms

AAMI - Association For The Advancement Of Medical Instrumentation (USA)

ACHDHR - Advisory Committee On Health Delivery And Human Resources

ACHI - Advisory Council on Health Infostructure.

ACHI (F/P/T) - Federal/Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committee on Health Infostructure

ACHHR - Advisory Committee on Health Human Resources

ACHS - Advisory Committee on Health Services

ACPH - Advisory Committee on Population Health

ACPHHS - Advisory Committee on Population Health and Health Security

AIPSO - Association of the International Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario

BCHIMPS - British Columbia Health Information Management Professionals'' Society

CAC - Consumer Association of Canada

CAN - Canadian Nurses Association

CANAIRE - Canada Network for the Advancement of Research Industry and Education

CCOHTA - Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment

CDA - Canadian Dental Association

CFPC - College of Family Physicians of Canada

CHA - Canadian Healthcare Association

CHA - Canada Health Act

CHE - Centers for Health Evidence

CHI - Canada Health Infoway

CHIN - Community Health Information Networks (Canada)

CHIPP - Canadian Health Infostructure Partnership Program

CHITTA - Canadian Healthcare Information Technology Trade Association

CHM - Child Health Network

CHMIS - Community Health Management Information System (Canada)

CHN - Canadian Health Network

CHRA - Canadian Health Record Association

CIHI - Canadian Institute for Health Information

CIPHS - Canadian Integrated Public Health Surveillance Program

CIS - Clinical Information System

CMA - Canadian Medical Association

CNA - Canadian Nurses Association

CPHA - Canadian Pharmacists Association

CPR - Computer-based Patient Record

CPU - Central Processing Unit

CST - Canadian Association of Telehealth

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

EPR - Electronic Patient Record

FNIHIS - First Nations and Inuit Health Information System

GEHR - Good Electronic Health Record (International)

HC - Health Canada

HCA - Health Care Aide

HCCI - Health Care Coordination Initiative

HCERC - Home and Community Care Evaluation and Research Center

HER(s) - Electronic Health Record(s)

HIN - Health Information Network

HIS - Hospital Information System

HISP - Health Infostructure Support Program

HTF - Health Transition Fund

ICT - Information and Communication Technologies

ITCH - Information Technology in Community Health

LIS - Laboratory Information System

MEDLINE - Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System On-Line

MRI / IRM - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

NFOH - National Forum on Health

NHII - National Health Information Infrastructure

NHSC - Network of Health Surveillance in Canada

NHSI - National Health Surveillance Infostructure

OHIH - Office of Health and the Information Highway

PETs - Privacy Enhancing Technologies

PIS - Pharmacy Information System

PSW - Personal Support Worker

RCPSC - Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

RPN - Registered Practical Nurse

RN - Registered Nurse

RIS - Radiology Information System

SNOMED - Systematized Nomenclature of Human and Veterinary Medicine

TAO - Telehealth Association of Ontario

UPI - Unique Personal Identifier