All Chainsaw courses cover maintenance of the chainsaw and are both training and assessment courses, with a certificate at the end.

All Chainsaw courses cover maintenance of the chainsaw and are both training and assessment courses, with a certificate at the end.

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All Chainsaw courses cover maintenance of the chainsaw and are both training and assessment courses, with a certificate at the end.

Maintenance and Cross cutting – This 2 day course is for anyone who is required to operate chainsaws for crosscutting only. It covers protective clothing and safety features of the chainsaw, maintenance including engine, chain and guidebar, fuelling, starting and testing chainsaws and cross-cutting timber.

Felling Small Trees – This 3-day course enables trainees to fell small trees up to 380 mm. It also includes take down of hung up trees using hand tools.


There has been some confusion surrounding the separation of the Maintenance & cross-cutting from the Felling component. We offer a 2-day Maintenance & cross-cutting course and a 3 day Small tree felling course, this can either be done as a 5 day course or separately. If the trainee who is registered for the 5 day programme does not reach the required standard for the felling part of the award, but achieves the standard for the Maintenance & Cross-cutting component they will receive a certificate and Skills ID card for this part.

Felling medium Trees-This 3 day course is for people who have attended the basic courses and covers maintenance before practising felling trees up to 1.5 times guide bar length and de-limbing including breakdown of large hardwood crowns. It progresses to felling 2 times guide bar length and takedown using hand winches and take down aids.

Dealing with individual windblown trees is a two-day course for trainees who have attended basic chainsaw courses and wish to learn how to deal with windblown trees.

Summary of Chainsaw Courses -

Chainsaw Refresher.

Take Down of Hung Up Trees Using Hand Tools.

Take Down of Hung Up Trees Using Winches.


Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-cutting.

Dealing with Individual Windblown Trees.

Small Tree Felling.

Advanced Chainsaw Operation: Felling Medium Sized Trees.

Brushcutters and trimmers

This is a one day course with assessment at the end covering all aspects of using a brushcutter and trimmer from safety to environmental factors.

ARC Welding – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

These courses range from trainees with little or no knowledge of electric arc welding from being able to strike an arc correctly to a good standard of welding skills

MIG Welding

This course is for experienced welders starting to use this type of equipment and enables them to observe and state extra Health and Safety precautions, understand the basic principles of Metal Inert Gas Welding, install gas cylinders, filler wire spools and set up a welding set for use, carry out butt and fillet welds, understand the changes in settings and ascertain the cause of and rectify faults.

Abrasive Wheels

This course is designed for farmers, managers, fitters and foremen who are required to use abrasive wheels or supervise the use of abrasive wheels. This 1-day course covers hazards in using abrasive wheels, and legislative responsibilities with an assessment at the end.


We can offer a 2-day course, which takes you through from the physical preparation of a site to the installing of paving or monoblocks.

After looking at the reasons for undertaking proper preparation, course members will learn to interpret and use scale drawings, develop an understanding of site safety, underground hazards and services. They will also look at the variations in basework for different purposes. Candidates will then go on to learn about the range of materials available and the range and uses for paving. Course members will look at the components of paved areas, learn to interpret single plans and install paving using safe practices during the practical part of the course. Monoblocks can be covered during the course if requested.