Greenhouse Foundation Ideas

Greenhouse Foundation Ideas

Building the greenhouse foundation is not just the very first stage in greenhouse construction; it is the most important stage of the entire project. Just like a house or a building, the structural integrity of the greenhouse depends on how the foundation is built. A good greenhouse foundation provides sufficient insulation and protection against pests and rodents.electricity saving box forumas

The construction of greenhouse foundation depends on the type of greenhouse you are going to build. Greenhouse kits, especially the larger types, have specifications and defined measurements for their foundation. Construction of greenhouse kit foundation is simple and straightforward since its dimension is given. DIY greenhouse foundation varies depending on materials used and the average temperature of your location.maxisize composición

The most common greenhouse foundations are made of concrete slab, a knee wall, and wood. In cold climate, the best option to use is a concrete slab foundation. Next is a pier type foundation where the foundation is built on a combination of timber on concrete columns. For foundation constructed above the ground, and greenhouses that would use wood instead, the best bets are cedar, redwood, or wood composites for the sill plates. When using wood for foundation, it is best to check the tags of the wood to determine the suitability of the material that you are having. Wood corrodes but when specified to be used as foundation, wood are chemically treated. Chemical treatments will determine whether the wood is for use above ground, for ground contact, for burying in the ground or for burying in ground with high alkaline content.power up premium forum

Nonetheless, the greenhouse foundation has to be insulated. This is typically done by lining the outside wall with foam insulation the depth of which will depend on the climate of the area. No matter though, the idea is to retain as much heat inside the greenhouse as much as possible.

The depth of the greenhouse foundation should be based on the temperature of the region since cold air can sip through soil and below the ground level. For areas where there are extreme drops in temperature during winter, the foundation should be below the frost line. In colder climates, insulation should be a few feet down. For the rest, few inches will do except when the intention is to use the wall of a pit as insulators.

When these requirements are considered and have been satisfied, the greenhouse could be started.

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